BMW X4 2015: Η νέα διάσταση



To the front of the X4 directly refers to its recently revamped X3. Accordingly, the ceiling finish reminds us that we are dealing with the thumbnail of the X6 known until today. Petrol engines will start at 2.0 liters and 245 horsepower


After the presence of the original version of the International Motor Show in Shanghai, the ongoing BMW X4 traveled to the European north, where he makes necessary for each quad winter testing.

On a white background with heavy camouflage have left surfaces of the body, the BMW X4 looks set to get the production line, making it the fifth largest SUV in the range of the Bavarian brand.

Despite the obvious limitation of the external dimensions of the body, always in relation to the hitherto known X6, the design of the metal surfaces is not far from the imposing Sport Activity Vehicle already counts six years in the European market.

The downturn roof indicates the effort of BMW to follow the design standards of a four-door coupe, while the picture of the car up to the middle column refers directly to the newly revamped X3.

From X3 moreover to be derived and the mechanical parts of X4 particular engines. Sure to be considered, therefore, the presence of two-liter and exclusively turbocharged gasoline engine of 245 hp, like the six-cylinder 306 hp total.

The above options will have to add their capacity diesel engines 2.0 liters, the electronically controlled all-wheel drive system xDrive and of course the automatic gearbox eight relations.

According to preliminary information, the production version of the BMW X4 will be revealed in the autumn, with its distribution in the European market to start before the end of the year.


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